Wake the fuck up, ya dumb fucks

This is from an email I received.  Now just consider the numbers.  Consider how many Americans there are, who are thinking precisely this.  Every one of them is armed to the hilt.  A ton of them are well-trained too…trained by the best when it was the best.

This is not some message to looters, because looters know what they’re doing.  They’re getting you, the grunts, to do the dirty work for them.  Besides their fear of getting their hands dirty, they know damn well what most people would do to them in revenge.

So they have you, the grunts who were taught they’re doing good, do the most horrid and unjust acts there are.  Let’s not go through them; we know how deep it runs.

There’s never been an action by a human, in the absence of coercion, that wasn’t a choice.  You do not need to parade yourselves to death.  You needn’t die and even worse, you needn’t be the cause of innocent people to die.  You never really wanted that, did you?  If you did, this isn’t for you anyway.

Good people don’t want violence, and almost everyone is good.  Now here’s the snip from the email; see if you can figure out what I’m talking about.

“Just like the iraqi army. they shed those uniforms as fast as they could. K’s plan will work in a pinch. Go out and find something evil… Plenty of evil around here. I wouldn’t want to be employed by the state on that day.”