YOU DECIDE: Liberty or Tyranny? Happiness or Misery? Life or Death?

This War officially started April 12, 2014, at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.  It is the War Against Tyranny, and especially the tyranny that has appeared in the USA.  Yes, it also “started” in the ’60s, or ’30s, or 1913 or 1860 or 1791.  Everything leads to something, so it’s a process.  Still, no matter the legal issues involved, it was April 12, 2014 that many Americans–for whatever their individual reasons–first said No to tyranny in this century.  And meant it.

This essay is one message and it’s the same message as that day:  The tyranny is done.  It’s over.  It won’t be tolerated.  It won’t be paid for.  It will be stopped.  Americans have always stopped tyranny the world over, and now we’re going to stop it here.

“Ha ha ha,” you snicker.  “So who’s going to stop it?”  The answer is only too simple—anyone and everyone who decides to stop it, of course.  How else could it happen?  What does any person do, except what they choose to do?

That’s the question at hand…for everyone really, but especially for tyrants and their agents—what will you decide to do?  Those of us who live the American Life, who work and play and live for the benefit of themselves and those they love…we already know how we choose.  But if you choose to fight for tyranny, if you work for tyranny, if you support tyranny…then you are on the wrong side of this War.  You are going to lose.  You are going to lose as your money becomes worthless, you are going to lose when you don’t have the respect of your friends and neighbors, and you are going to lose your whole life if a Warrior concludes that you are a threat.

So don’t do it, that’s all.  If you wear a uniform or carry a weapon, and your intent was always to protect the liberty and safety of free Americans, then identify yourself as such.  Invent a patch, announce yourself when approaching civilians—make it clear that you intend to serve and protect, and not to impose tyranny.  Otherwise, with the current state of affairs, you’re taking a huge gamble that you might be perceived as an agent of tyrants.  Whether you meant to be or not won’t matter, since that judgment will be made by the other person.  Welcome to the club, as many Americans have been living that way for a long time now.  We are all Jose Guerena.

You will not take property, you will not take lives, you will not cage those who have brought no physical harm to others.  There will be no flashbanging of babies, there will be no Wacos and there will be no military-style police operations.  There will be no harrassment  of motorists or pedestrians upon public lands, and there will be no interference with the private dealings and transactions of free individuals.

This is all going to happen, so you might as well choose your course now.  When is it all going to happen?  That answer is simple too—when the participants decide to make it happen.  That day has been coming, and it’s been no secret.  For many, many people, that day is today.  True Americans will have no part of this, and they will do whatever it takes to stop the madness.  Now.